About us:

  • EOH and Computershare have collaborated to create a Solution to provide XBRL as a service. EOH and Computershare have over 50 years of service experience combined.
  • Our service offering allows companies to submit their Annual Financial Statements in the XBRL format without having to purchase software and develop a Solution to meet requirements.
  • We have created a secure online portal for registration, document storage and management.
  • Preparation of the XBRL filing is a simple straight forward process.
    • Templates are downloaded from our portal after registration.
    • Financials must be mapped and captured into our templates.
    • Once all data is captured, the templates are uploaded to our portal where we will then process the templates with our Solution which creates the iXBRL output file.
    • Users will then be notified via email that their iXBRL file is ready for download for submission to the CIPC portal.


  • The Solution cost is R9500 per submission.
  • Discount will be provided on a sliding scale:
    • Over 10 submissions 5%
    • Over 20 submissions 10%
    • Over 30 submissions 15%